“The best way out is always through”

—Robert Frost

Addictions can take many forms: drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, gambling, food, shopping… All can cause life to spin out of control, and leave an otherwise thoughtful person behaving in ways that feel shameful.

Unfortunately, the more we escape in addiction, the bigger our problems become. Leaving us with an even stronger urge to again engage in the behavior. The loop of escape and addiction is very seductive and very difficult to climb out of.

My approach to addictions of any sort, is harm reduction, and is different for everyone who steps through my door. Together we will assess your level of functioning, and create a treatment plan that that works for you.

I provide a non-judgmental, warm, and supportive space for you to openly explore the discrepancy between the life you are currently leading and the one you want for yourself. Whether your goal is abstinence or moderation I will work with you to gain insight and develop skills that allow you to feel more in control of your life. And ultimately to create the life you want for yourself.